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REACH youth and volunteers preparing to go river tubing


REACH offers youth between the ages of 10 and 18 the opportunity to participate in fun and challenging outdoor adventures during out-of-school time throughout the year.  


Our Summer Adventure Camps offer day-camp sessions where participants engage in adventure sports and outdoor education activities, like biking, climbing, kayaking, nature hikes, forest restoration, and fishing. Youth can also participate in overnight tent camping trips and extended, co-ed sleep-away camp experiences, including teambuilding activities, adventure sports, and leadership development. The summer ends with a family picnic and awards ceremony where youth can showcase what they learned. 


Our Weekend Adventure Camps offer monthly day or overnight trips during the schoolyear where youth build on skills and activities learned at summer camp sessions, focusing on working as a group, decision making, and technical skills development, all while adventuring outdoors. Single and multi-day trips include hiking, rock climbing, biking, canoeing, skiing, ice skating, museum visits, winter camping overnights, spring or fall paddling  or biking trips, or attendance at environmental and adventure sports events.

REACH embeds Adventure-Based English instruction into all of our adventure camp experiences. We provide integrated session-specific English language instruction, which addresses the gap in reading and writing retention and critical thinking skills that many young English learners experience, while giving them the tools and language necessary to understand the activities and excel at the challenges we build into each adventure camp session.

Summer Adventure - Day Camps.

Engage in adventure sports and place-based education activities like biking,climbing, kayaking, canoeing, nature hikes, forest restoration, and river clean-ups.

Summer Adventure - Overnight Camps.

Spend a night sleeping in tents under the stars and learn to cook meals over an open fire at our girls or boys only camping trips.

Summer Adventure - 

Extended Trips.

Join us at a traditional sleep-away camp with teambuilding activities (scavenger hunts, improv skits), adventure sports (rope skills, bouldering, archery, river tubing), and leadership development (problem solving, cooperative learning).

Weekend Adventure - STEAM Education Camps

Increase your knowledge through hands-on (and fun) experiences like habitat assessments, river life investigations, and forest restoration. 

Weekend Adventure -  Challenge Camps

Push out of your comfort zone and try something new - maybe skiing, capoeira, bouldering, or ziplining?

Weekend Adventure - Overnight Trips

Don't let the cold weather get you down! Our weekend road trips and winter cabin camps are great ways to see new places, learn and try new things, and spend time with new and old friends. 

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